• Hearing is important for your child's development.

    When children can hear clearly, everything is easier for them.

TOLBECS Ear Centre – Hamilton’s trusted ear clinic

You will walk away from TOLBECS® Ear Centre with healthy, comfortable ears – knowing that you were looked after every step of the way.

– That is the TOLBECS® quest.

I cannot speak highly enough of the nurses, not just their high technical level of expertise, I felt so cared for as a person...

My 87 year old father received wonderful treatment. For the first time ever he is now enjoying wearing his hearing aids...

Hearing Tests

Anyone over 4 years of age can come to TOLBECS for a hearing test. We create an audiogram - a chart of your hearing - so you can see how well you are hearing.

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Urgent Cases

At our Hamilton ear clinic, our specialist TOLBECS Ear Nurses leave spaces for those with urgent needs - please phone our receptionist now - we could see you today.

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FREE Ear Canal Check

A quick, comfortable check. We use a tiny camera to show you the inside of your ear canals on a screen. Call in during office hours - Are Your Ears OK?

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