TOLBECS is Hamilton's trusted ear clinic...

Some years ago, I was playing Sir Joseph Porter in ‘HMS Pinafore’ and halfway through the run of the show my hearing packed in, due obviously to the accumulation of wax. I saw my GP who got his nurse to syringe my ears – the result was total and absolute hearing loss of hearing. I was given ear drops and told to return in three days time for further syringing. How was I to hear the orchestra that night? The ear drops could only worsen the problem, so I was really distraught.

Then I remembered that I had heard about an ear centre where ears were vacuumed and not syringed, so, hopefully, I drove round there. Luckily I could be seen straight away and, after the vacuuming, my hearing returned to normal. What a relief! I must have been alright that night, as the critic referred to me as a ‘senior trouper of genius’! I now have my ears vacuumed routinely twice a year. Again, what a relief!

- Michael Easther, Hamilton

I cannot praise highly enough the courteous, professional and extremely thorough service provided by TOLBECS Ear Centre. The advice and recommendations I was given allowed me to complete my work and feel comfortable with personal ear care. The knowledgeable staff at TOLBECS Ear Centre also helped me to understand what was happening with my ears, and went “the extra yard” to accommodate any prescription needs. I only hope I can locate such a valued organisation upon returning to Australia. My sincere thanks.

- Greg Suosaari, Queensland, Australia

My 87 year old father received wonderful treatment from you recently. The micro-suction on his ears improved not only his hearing immensely but he says that there has been a 50% reduction in the giddiness he has felt for some years.

For the first time ever he is now enjoying wearing his hearing aids and is joining family conversations again. A new man and a very relieved wife and daughter – thank you.

- Coralie Fulton, Hamilton

A miracle occurred today! Pain-free ear suction, all explained thoroughly – no anxiety.

- Morag, Cambridge

My doctor referred me and I am so pleased I went to TOLBECS.  They were friendly, the process was comfortable and it was quick.

- Sandy, Raglan

Thanks once again for looking after my ears. In my line of business it is so important to be able to hear well! I thank you for your thoroughness and professionalism.

- David Shearer, Shearer's Music Works, Hamilton

The TOLBECS team are great with kids...

The ladies at TOLBECS were amazing. Our visit was very successful and my little 6 year old girl enjoyed every minute with the Nurses. We have had 6 years of off and on ear problems, uncountable and pricey visits to Ear Specialists, but I can honestly say my $65 spent yesterday at TOLBECS was the best $65 we have spent!! Many, many, many thanks for making our little girls ear better, and the advice you gave us – appreciate the chat totally.

On our way home Samantha was hearing me talk to her without me having to turn around and look at her – she commented that she could hear better now! Excellent customer service from everyone at TOLBECS! Keep up the awesome work, families need more people like you in our health sector!

- Debbie Honey, Hamilton

I am 9 years old and have been going to TOLBECS for a very long time. The people are so gentle to my ears. They tell me stuff so I can keep my ears well, like when the last time I went to TOLBECS and got my ears checked that got a whole lot of wax out of my ears before I went overseas. But the best one I like is the blue one because it tickles my ear.

Thank you TOLBECS Ear Centre.

- Te Whatumanawa, Hamilton

What a wonderful experience to bring my 13 year old daughter to TOLBECS. She had been complaining about a sore ear on and off for a couple of months. When we saw the Ear Nurse Therapist she explained exactly what the problem was. What impressed me most was that having identified the problem the Nurse then told her it could be fixed and showed her how she could do it, and what would happen if she didn’t.

A month later she is breathing through her nose (a new experience), popping her ears and hasn’t mentioned sore ears. In these days where physical problems are often fixed with taking ‘stuff’ or having ‘stuff’ done to you, TOLBECS approach was refreshing and empowering.

- Maree Llewellyn, Hamilton

Jack just turned one and had been pulling his ears so I booked him in at TOLBECS. The staff were wonderful and great with Jack. It’s such a relief to know exactly what’s going on with his ears. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TOLBECS to anyone with children. Very friendly staff that explained everything to Jack and I along the way. For peace of mind it’s excellent value for money and the child friendly atmosphere really puts you at ease.

- Angela Alison and Jack

TOLBECS improves employees ear health...

As a Commercial Construction firm, managing staff health and safety concerns is something we are constantly addressing. We noted a lack of documentation concerning hearing for our staff. It would have been difficult to measure any hearing issues as we had no comparison records available. A decision was made to get a baseline for each staff member.

We chose TOLBECS as a hearing tester to help us out with this, mainly as a consequence of hearing their rather humorous adverts on the radio. They seemed like a likeable bunch so I offered to go as the company guinea pig to find out more about the service and the process. I was really impressed – they were friendly, helpful and it wasn’t a bit like going to the Dentist!

Now the firm has paid for the staff to go and get their hearing tested. We paid for it because as a responsible employer it’s important to look after staff’s health and because it gave us some independent and credible records that if needed would be available to us.

We’d recommend TOLBECS to other businesses because they’re flexible, likeable and really easy to work with!

- Murray, Fosters Construction, Hamilton

Thanks TOLBECS for your friendly service while getting our full hearing & ear checks. You explained it so we understood.

The boys were away from the shop for only a minimal time. Thanks again.

- Alan Wright, Grey Street Motors & Wheel Alignment, Hamilton East