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Screening Hearing Tests

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What is it?

A hearing test at TOLBECS is a basic screening hearing test which compares your hearing to normal levels. It is the same hearing test that is conducted in schools, workplaces and clinics throughout NZ.

What does it involve?

Our hearing test involves placing tight-fitting ear muffs over your ears to block out most of the surrounding noise. We will then administer a number of beeping noises and ask you to press a button every time you hear a beep. Each ear is tested separately. The results are plotted on a graph which is called an audiogram. The test takes about 10 minutes.

What are the benefits?

You can compare your hearing to normal levels. Our Ear Nurse Therapists explain fully what your results mean, and recommend any further action if required.

Similar to an eye test where if you pass that means your eye sight is good and if you fail you are advised to see an optician, after a hearing test if your hearing is not as expected, we may recommend that you consult with an Audiologist for further testing and investigation.

Who may want a screening hearing test?

  • anyone experiencing sudden hearing loss
  • anyone who is worried about their hearing
  • anyone who knows they are having trouble hearing
  • anyone who is told their hearing has decreased
  • anyone above 4 years of age
  • any child/adult who’s hearing is questioned
  • any person who requires an audiogram as part of a medical examination
  • any employee who works in a noisy environment needs to have their hearing tested yearly
  • anyone with a blocked ear, where the ear canal is not blocked with wax/debris
  • anyone who wants to use this as a baseline to compare future tests with

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