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How do we help?

We are not only wax removers. We are ear experts. Our quest is to share expert knowledge and skills to help and empower people to have the healthiest ears and the best hearing possible.

Why are we ear experts?

TOLBECS ear nurse therapists undergo extensive ongoing training so they become ear experts. Our clients feel reassured that TOLBECS staff are well trained and will give them expert care and advice. TOLBECS Ear Nurse Therapists are Registered Nurses who have also completed our special in-house training programme. In addition, we have an ongoing professional development programme which includes attendance at National and International ENT Conferences.

What are the benefits?

Your experience with TOLBECS will be comfortable, safe, and gentle. You will know exactly what is happening at all times. Throughout the consultation, the nurse will talk you through what they are doing so you feel comfortable. At the end of your consultation, the nurse will summarise what they have found and explain what to do next to ensure your ears are the healthiest they can possible be.

We are proud that our clients walk out feeling better, with an understanding of what is happening to their ears now, what they need to do next, and how to prevent future trouble.

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