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FREE Ear Canal Checks

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What is it?

TOLBECS offers free ear canal checks. Our receptionists are trained to place a camera gently in your ear while you are watching on a computer screen. This service helps determine if an appointment with an Ear Nurse Therapist is required.

If you would like a free ear check, you do not need to make an appointment for this – just pop in during our office hours. However, if you require a consultation with an ear nurse, we do require you to book an appointment. Call 0800 TOLBECS to enquire.

PLEASE NOTE: a free ear check does not include a hearing test, microsuction, ear wax removal or diagnosis from an Ear Nurse Therapist.

When might you need a free ear canal check?

  • before any hearing test
  • before beach holidays
  • before diving or snorkelling
  • before flying
  • anytime your ears feel funny or hearing is not clear
  • every six months if you put anything into your ear like hearing aids, ear plugs etc

Why should ear canals be empty to keep healthy?

Click here to learn more about healthy ears.

Or if you feel that your ear canals need emptying or you have any concerns with your ears or hearing, our staff can book you in for a consultation with an Ear Nurse Therapist.

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