“Awesome presentation, I feel so much more confident. Every health professional should do this course – especially GP’s, practice nurses and those working in A&E”

-Connie Murray, Practice Nurse, Buller Medical

“Full of information, easy to understand and great to use with my patients, colleagues, doctors and, most importantly, parents of kids”

-Sue Wallace, Registered Nurse

“All health professionals working with ears need this training. It’s scary to think of those using an otoscope without training like this”

-Michelle Freeman, Clinical Leader

“Best comprehensive course I have ever attended for improving my occupational health practice”

Chris Downs, Occupational Health Nurse, Safety and Health Services, Blenheim

“Awesome! An excellent course for learning. The presenter knows her stuff and is great to listen to”

-Karenza McLeod, Tamariki Ora, Wellchild Nurse

“Comprehensive content and a great presenter. GP’s would benefit from doing this course”

-Dr JD Moore, GP Palmerston North

“Informative and fascinating presentation. Wonderfully knowledgeable and practical tutor”

-Robyn Griffith, Tamariki Ora Nurse, Te Ha Oranga

“Excellent content, covered everything ears without being over-complicated. Great presentation”

-Rebecca Parke, Practice Nurse, Thames Medical Centre

“Very worthwhile course, accentuating the need for diverse education among health professionals and general populace”

Fran Turner, RN Ahipara Health Resource Trust

“Recommended for all registered nurses as we don’t get training like this and we need it. A very informative course, especially for community workers”

Donna Kuljish, RN Te Ha Oranga

“Outstanding! Absolutely relevant content, and even more insightful than I was expecting”

Dhyanne Hohepa, Auckland Women’s Correctional Facility

“Great theoretical and practical skills learnt. I now feel confident and competent to see clients with ear problems”

-Danielle Hann, Evolve Youth Service

“Well presented, every GP and nurse should attend”

Liz Harvey, Practice Nurse, City Medical, Napier

“Absolutely brilliant! An interesting fun day. Ears have been made ‘easy’ and more understandable”

Julie Cash, Practice Nurse, Hastings Health Centre