Ears Made Easy

About Ears Made Easy

*PLEASE NOTE: Ears Made Easy is currently on hold until 2022!*

Our TOLBECS quest is to share our expert knowledge and skills to help and empower people to have the healthiest ears and best hearing possible. Ears Made Easy is our platform to teach the skill of otoscopy – how to look into ears and what to do with what you find.

We frequently hear stories that indicate many health professionals are unclear as to what they are seeing through their otoscopes and often do not know what the best course of action is to really help their patients with common ear complaints.

Ears Made Easy has two aims:

  1. To increase job satisfaction for professionals – knowing what to do and say about ears, and
  2. To ensure people with ear trouble can access straightforward, practical, common sense help

Our one-day course is a face to face presentation of 6 hours intensive learning about ears.

To secure a spot please see our ‘Register or Enquire’ page.

Presenter Theresa O’Leary, Ear Nurse Consultant, loves passing on practical, sensible knowledge about ears to as many people as possible – she loves feeling that if everyone knew much more about ears then … together we really could change the world!