Ear Troubles

Waxy Ears

People know they have waxy ears when they squelch, get itchy, get blocked, leak wax and feel gluggy.

The whole ear canal is involved in the production of ear wax. New skin cells are made in the middle of the ear drum and move in a glacier like flow out towards the ear canal entrance. Wax is produced by special glands in the outer canal. New wax falls onto the skin layer and creates a waterproof and naturally antimicrobial layer. This protective wax coating slowly moves to the ear canal entrance. The wax dissolves the skin cells. Daily, we should wipe off the small amount that has moved right outside the ear canal entrance.

  • normal waxNormal Wax
  • Flaky waxFlaxy Wax
  • Skin curtainSkin Curtain
  • Sticky waxSticky Wax
  • Wax pushed inWax Pushed In
  • Blocked waxWax Blocking

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