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Noisy Ears – What is it?

There are various reasons why people experience noisy ears. If you hear noises in your ear while you are chewing or talking, this is likely to be caused by long, loose hairs moving on your ear drum.

Other times the ear canal skin flakes off in a clump and falls backward – these move around like ‘tumbleweeds’ as your head moves.

Occasionally, tiny pieces of sand, dirt, or gravel find their way into the ear canal and move on and off the ear drum, or scrunch together which make noise.

With our magnified view, we can quickly assess what is causing the noisy ears and gently and safely remove the cause.

Tinnitus – What is it?

Tinnitus is a name for noises that a person hears inside their head that do not come from the outside. It can be a ringing, humming, hissing or buzzing. It is very common and about 10% of adults experience it.

It is a description of a symptom but not a diagnosis. It can accompany many other conditions – sometimes the cause will never be identified.

People with hearing loss in the high frequencies (commonly a result of noise damage) often have Tinnitus. It may be heard continuously and becomes more noticeable when it is quiet.

Tinnitus is made worse by having large amounts of wax/debris the ear canals. Often people will tell us their tinnitus reduces after we cleared plugs of wax.

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TOLBECS recommends that people who have a recent onset of tinnitus contact their GP for a full health check.

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