Inner Ear

Noise Damage

Noise Exposure is the most common cause of hearing loss in New Zealand.  Many tools and machinery used around the home and workplace can damage hearing.  Playing or listening to loud music is also a common cause.

Normal Hearing Cells within the Cochlea

Damaged Cells

The hearing cells of the inner ear are damaged by loud noise. As the cells are destroyed, hearing is lost. People with noise induced deafness often also have tinnitus (loud ringing in their ears). Hearing is the base for communication and socialisation; our human quality of life depends on it.


How loud is too loud?

As a general rule, if the noise is so loud that you have to shout to be heard by someone standing 1 metre away your hearing is being damaged.



Hearing protection (earmuffs or ear plugs) must be worn to protect your hearing when exposed to any loud noise.


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