Helpful Information

Helping Me Hear

The support and understanding of family is very important for any person with a hearing difficulty – child or adult.

“Can you imagine hearing only 50% of a conversation and still be expected to give appropriate answers?”

Many people who find it difficult to hear can feel isolated, frustrated, and embarrassed.  These suggestions can make communicating easier and more enjoyable for everyone.


Tips for People with Hearing Loss

  • tell others about your hearing loss
  • share with others the best way to talk with you
  • provide feedback to the speaker
  • choose the best place to communicate
  • avoid noisy backgrounds
  • face speaker while listening
  • ask specific questions to get the words you have missed


Tips for Friends and Family

Get my attention BEFORE speaking:

  • say my name or touch my arm
  • come close
  • turn down the radio/TV

Face me:

  • stand or sit still – with light on your face
  • avoid covering your mouth
  • people rely on facial expressions, gestures and lip reading to support their hearing

Speak Clearly:

  • at moderate speed
  • only slightly louder than usual
  • get to the point
  • use sentences – not single words

If I don’t understand?

  • check for ques – am I embarrassed or puzzled
  • find a tactful way to ask if I understood
  • only repeat once – if I still do not understand please choose different words
  • consider writing the key words

Give me time to respond:

  • sometimes it takes time to unscramble the message that I did hear
  • if I‘m tired, worried, unwell or distracted, it may take me longer to understand

Things to avoid:

  • showing frustration
  • shouting or yelling
  • speaking too fast or not clearly
  • tuning away or having your back to the person
  • walking away while talking
  • speaking from another room
  • covering your mouth/face
  • too many words/parts to the message
  • saying “Oh, it doesn’t matter”
  • speaking where there is loud background noise


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