Ear Care

How To Put in Drops

It is very difficult to put eardrops into your own ears – it’s a good idea to ask someone else to help.

Steps to follow:

  • wash your hands
  • lie the person on their side
  • clean around the ear canal opening if there is discharge visible
  • gently pull back the ear to open the ear canal
  • drip the right number of drops into the open ear canal – being very careful not to touch anything with the dropper bottle top as this can infect the bottle
  • gently pump the Tragus (the bump in the middle of the ear) to move the drops deeper into the ear
  • if there is a grommet or perforation the patient may taste the drops as they go down the Eustachian Tube – have some juice or a lollie handy
  • lie still for 5-10 min, repeat for the other ear if needed


  • only a dry ear will heal
  • keep water and soap/shampoo out
  • use blu-tak ear shields when bathing or showering
  • regular gentle nose blowing will help ‘wash’ out infection if there is a grommet or perforation
  • when an ear canal is discharging protect the outer ear from becoming infected by using a good skin ointment
  • never use cotton buds to clean an ear – they only push debris further in