Ear Canal

Surfers Ear - Exostoses

What is it?

It is extra boney growth of the ear canal wall in response to exposure to cold air, wind and water.  This causes narrowing of the ear canal and can interrupt the normal flow of skin.  Trapped wet skin can lead to ear infections and/or blockages.  If exposure to cold continues the exostoses may grow to close the ear canal and will require surgery. 

Who gets it?

Surfers, divers, sailor’s, snowboarders and freezer store workers etc 

How to help yourself?

  • Prevent or holt their growth 
    • Reduce exposure to cold.   
    • Use protection:  wetsuit hoods, ear plugs, hats or helmets 
  • Keep ears clear and dry 
  • Do not use any object to clean or itch your ear 
  • Have regular ear checks 


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