Ear Canal

Blu-tak Ear Shields

If you have trouble with ear canal infections or a long term skin condition in your ear canal you may need to use BluTak ear shields.

  • use a “COIN” of Blu-tak to seal the opening of the ear canal.
  • do not make the blu-tak into a sausage shape – it can stick inside.

Healthy Ears like to be DRY!

  • soapy shower/bath water is not good in ears – it can lead to infections
  • avoid a direct flow of shower water squirting into your ears.

If ears get wet, use air to dry

  • hairdryer
  • fan
  • flapping – cardboard or hand

Do not put anything into the ear canal

Fingers, towels, flannels, tissues, cotton buds; these only push wax/debris backwards – this can lead to blockage and/or infection.