We are the Ear Experts:

TOLBECS are the Ear Experts. We are a nurse-led centre that assists people with their ears/hearing. Our Ear Nurse Therapists are comprehensively trained in the nursing speciality of ears. They love hearing a big “thank you” many times a day as clients lives are changed with their help.

We use modern equipment to clean ear canals and to see enlarged views of the inside of the ear. We utilise our knowledge and skills to solve any ear trouble that you are experiencing.

Gentle, comfortable, safe, and we know what we are doing!

What We Stand For:

TOLBECS are the Ear Experts – we know, we care and we want to make a difference.

Our team is friendly and efficient; we constantly seek excellence and mastery. We really do go-the-extra-mile to solve each individual’s problem. Our aim is for 100% client satisfaction; taking the time to find out and do what our clients need and want. Our nurses work alongside people; we empower them to help themselves.

Why We Are Special

TOLBECS are the Ear Experts. They’re not just ears..… they are what you hear your life through.

Our Hamilton clinic is the largest ear clinic in New Zealand; no one else in the world (that we know of) does what we do. We have the most comprehensive nurse’s ear speciality training programme available.

Our Performance is Outstanding!

By delivering such an excellent service, we have gained the respect of our clients and our colleagues in the Ear network. They have spoken about us to their friends, families, workmates, other health professionals and their clients. By prudently and cautiously using the fees we have been paid, we have developed TOLBECS from a one man band into a healthy company with plans for future expansion. Our client feedback reflects this.

Our Beginnings:


Our doors opened in May, two part days a week, in rented rooms in Hamilton East. Theresa O’Leary our founder and director had prior extensive training and experience with people in many different settings within the community. She commenced our special Ear Centre to provide an excellent private ear nursing service. A survey to General Practitioners and Ear/Hearing Health Professionals had proved her hunch that ‘the-time-was-ripe’ to offer the general public an alternative to the uncomfortable and unsafe practice of ear syringing.


Theresa was consulting with 15-20 people each day, 5 days a week. She condensed her unique expertise in the ear speciality into a 6 month in-house training programme for our TOLBECS Ear Nurse Therapists.


In June, overnight we re-branded and formed a new company TOLBECS Ear Centre Ltd. Later that year we moved into a converted residence, now a fully equipped commercial premise.