About Us


We are the Ear Experts:

We are a nurse-led centre that assists people with their ears and hearing. Our Ear Nurse Therapists are registered nurses who have been comprehensively trained in the nursing speciality of ears.

We love hearing a big “thank you” many times a day through out the day as clients lives are changed with our expert help.

Our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art microscopes to see the best view of any ear canal and drum. We utilise our knowledge and skills to help solve any ear trouble that you are experiencing. Gentle, comfortable, safe, and we know what we are doing!

What We Stand For:

TOLBECS are the Ear Experts – we know, we care and we want to make a difference.

Our team is friendly and efficient; we constantly seek excellence and mastery. We really do go-the-extra-mile to help find a solution to each individual’s problem.

We aim for 100% client satisfaction; taking the time to find out and do, what our clients need and want. Our nurses work alongside people; we empower them to help themselves.

Why We Are Special

TOLBECS are the Ear Experts. They’re not just ears..… they are what you hear your life through.

We do not JUST remove wax. You can come to us for any ear troubles or concerns. We see adults, children and babies and have urgent appointments available each day.

Our Performance is Outstanding!

By delivering such quality care, we have earnt the trust and respect of our clients and colleagues. Many of them have shared their experiences and validated our service with google reviews.

Our Story:

In May 2001 our founder and director, Theresa O’Leary, opened what was then known as the ‘Ear Centre’. She worked two days a week from a rented room in Hamilton East, providing an alternate and safer method for ear cleaning – microsuction.

Theresa’s extensive background in community nursing alongside her passion for ears and helping people, led her to develop 6-month in-house training programme on the speciality of ears. With this she was able to expand her team to meet the demand of her growing clientele.

By June 2005 she rebranded overnight to ‘TOLBECS Ear Centre’ and later settled into our current, more fit for purpose building at 74 Naylor St.

Since then, TOLBECS has tripled its capacity to see people and is able to offer urgent appointments every day for those with acute ear troubles, continually striving to deliver quality ear care to the community.