What is it?

Micro-suction is the term used for cleaning ear canals under the magnified view of a surgical microscope and a tiny vacuum cleaner and/or tiny instruments.

What does it involve?

The client lies on a bed, our Ear Nurse Therapists gently hold the ear canal entrance open (sometimes they use a plastic funnel to gain the best view). The microscope is then focused into the ear canal entrance. When we use the suction/instruments, clients often say: “this is weird”; they will tell us “it’s a bit noisy” and “it tickles”.

What are the benefits?

Because we can see so well with the magnified vision, we can remove wax/debris without touching the ear canal walls – hence, a comfortable, safe procedure. The magnified views allow the Ear Nurse Therapist to assess the ear canal and ear drum to make a diagnosis.

Who may need micro-suction?

  • anyone with wax/debris in their ear canal
  • anyone with an ear canal infection
  • anyone who has had a middle ear infection and the ‘pus’ has burst into the ear canal
  • anyone with a foreign body present
  • anyone with a discharging ear

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