Expert Help

What is it?

We don’t just remove wax! Our quest is to share our expert knowledge and skills to help and empower people to have the healthiest ears and the best hearing possible. Our clients can feel reassured that all of our staff are well trained and will give them EXPERT care and advice. TOLBECS Ear Nurse Therapists are Registered General Nurses who have completed our special in-house training programme. In addition, we have an ongoing professional development programme which includes attendance at National and International ENT Conferences.

What does it involve?

Our training begins with theory sessions on the Outer, Middle and Inner Ear, along with practical sessions on our unique TOLBECS systems. Our clinical training is intensive; the tutor and trainee work together one-on-one. It begins with the tutor ‘doing’ and the trainee watching and slowly, over a period of months, the roles reverse as the skills and knowledge are handed over, to the stage where the trainee is ‘doing’ with the trainer watching. In the last phase of training, the new Ear Nurse Therapist consults with clients on her own with on-call support from more senior Ear Nurse Therapists when required.

What are the benefits?

Because of our unique training, your experience with TOLBECS will be comfortable, safe, and gentle. You will know exactly what is happening at all times. The Nurse will explain what they are seeing and doing, and will discuss with you any options. At the end of your consultation, the nurse will summarise what they have found, explain what you need to do next, and often you will leave with a small pamphlet so you can share the information with others.

We are proud that our clients walk out feeling better, with an understanding of what is happening to their ears now, what they need to do next, and how to prevent future trouble.

TOLBECS has a reputation amongst other health professionals for being the “Ear Experts”, and we are able to call on their services to best help our clients if a referral on to them is required.

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