FREE Ear Canal Checks

What is it?

The TOLBECS ear canal check is when we check and show you the inside of your ear canals.

What does the ear canal check involve?

You sit in a chair, our staff gently hold your ear canal open and place a special Ear Viewer just at the entrance. The magnified picture is shown on a laptop screen in front of you.

What are the benefits?

You can physically see if your ears are really OK.

When might you need a free ear canal check?

  • before any hearing test
  • before beach holidays
  • before diving or snorkelling
  • before air travel
  • anytime ears feel funny or hearing is not clear
  • every six months if you put anything like hearing aids, ear plugs, etc  into your ear

Why should ear canals be empty to keep healthy?

A thin layer of wax/debris around the entrance of an ear canal is normal – it keeps the ear canal waterproof and is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. It forms a thin sticky layer so any hairs, dust, dirt or insects get caught in it.

Too much wax can cause problems, especially when it gets wet. Wax has a high content of dead skin cells which when wet, plump up and lead to blockage. The wet collection of wax can also become a soggy home for bacteria and an ear canal infection may develop.

Wax occluding an ear canal will give inaccurate hearing test results. It may also interfere with the person’s ability to ‘pop’ their ears well enough to fly without ear pain or discomfort.

If you feel that your ear canals need emptying, or you have any concerns with your ears or hearing, our staff can book you in for a consultation with our Ear Nurse Therapists.

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