Course Details

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How much does the course cost?

The course fee is $345 NZD per person; this includes catering, a course handbook and laminated summary to take away with you.

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to learn more about the skill of otoscopy – how to look into ears using an otoscope or auroscope, recognise what you are viewing and know what to do with what you find. It suits beginners as well as those with more experience who wish to improve their skills. We have hosted health workers who have never held an otoscope before and doctors and nurses with 20 years+ experience.

Many different occupational groups have been represented; hospital nurses, doctors, practice nurses, GP’s, iwi health workers, occupational health staff, rest home staff, prison nurses, adolescent health staff, newborn hearing screeners, B4 School Check nurses, hearing/vision technicians, public health nurses, ear nurse specialists, kaiawhina, accident and emergency staff, tamariki ora nurses, community health workers, receptionists, audiology staff, and the list is growing.

Who presents EARSmadeEasy?

Theresa O’Leary NZRN, looked into her first ear in 1987! She met hundreds of parents and children during her years holding an otoscope as a public health nurse. Then as an ear nurse specialist, looking down a microscope on a mobile ear clinic. In 2001, Theresa opened TOLBECS Ear Centre, a private clinic where folk of all ages come for real help with their ears. Theresa is passionate about ears and loves passing on information in a clear and concise way. She has a very practical, common sense approach.

Theresa O'Leary, presenter

What topics are covered?

  • otoscopes and how to use them
  • how ears work
  • how best to look after ears
  • preventing problems
  • common ear conditions
  • wax management
  • understanding tympanograms
  • understanding audiograms
  • solving ear canal infections
  • solving glue ear
  • 10 common misjudgements in ear disorders

EARSmadeEasy OneDay is based around a 300+ photographic slide presentation. Theresa uses many ear photos to teach the finer points of otoscopy for accurate diagnosis. The course is presented in modules: Outer, Middle and Inner ear are covered.  She utilizes her ability to transform complicated medical information into easy-to-understand terms, as well as breakding down big concepts into useful smaller parts. Her common sense approach, simple explanations, storytelling and case studies make it an interesting and educational day. It is intense learning, covering everything anyone working in the community needs to know about ears.

Theresa teaching otoscopy

How will I learn to use an otoscope/auroscope during the course?

The programme includes three practical sessions. After learning the theory of safe otoscopy, participants work in groups of three, taking turns to look into ears. With generous support from Welch Allyn, Theresa brings seven Macroview otoscopes. Participants are invited to bring their own otoscope to compare.

What is the schedule of the day?

0845     Arrival Networking
0900     Session 1
1030     Morning Tea
1045     Session 2
1230     Lunch
1300     Session 3
1415     Afternoon Tea
1430     Session 4
1600     End of Course

Will I need to take notes?

You will be given a course handbook and a laminated course summary to refer to during the day and to take home with you. You may choose to add your own notes during the day.

What do I need to bring?

A pen, a warm smile and a willingness to learn – perhaps the otoscope you use, if you would like to compare it with the latest Welch Allyn model.

How many people attend?

Each EARSmadeEasy course usually has between 15 and 21 participants.

What will the venue be like?

Theresa has been to too many study days for nurses involving a sandwich lunch in a cold hall. Theresa prefers to see health workers valued, so she chooses comfortable, easy to find venues with close parking and healthy food/beverages, all at a reasonable cost. All venue addresses and website links are uploaded onto the EARSmadeEasy Schedule, once available.

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