Ear Troubles

Itchy Ears

What is it?

Ears that itch are likely letting you know that something is wrong. It could be a physical itch caused by wax blobs, or loose hairs annoying the tiny hairs that grow inside your ear canal. Our TOLBECS Ear Nurse Therapists can safely and easily remove the ‘extra’s’ and get rid of the itch.

Sometimes a mild infection first presents with an annoying irritating itch – the skin surrounding the entrance and ear canal skin may become flaky, dry and cracking. At TOLBECS we recognise common skin conditions and can take a lab swab to identify any infecting organisms.

Some people who get ‘hayfever’ find that they get itchy ears. This nervous itch is caused by their allergies and is relayed to their ears ‘mistakenly’ via their nerves. Some relief is possible if ears are ‘itched’, by placing finger tips on the ear and moving it. This method offers relief without making things worse, which is better than putting something inside the ear canal.

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