Ear Care

Ear Candles

Ear Candles are an alternative health treatment advocated for the removal of ear wax. A hollow candle is burned with one end in the ear canal. This is with the intent of creating a low-level vacuum to draw out wax.

In a USA clinical trial researchers found that:

  • no wax was removed
  • ear candling produced no vacuum
  • candle wax ash was deposited in some ears
  • some people experienced burns

A survey of 121 USA ENT Specialists identified 21 ear injuries, mostly burns that were associated with ear candles.


At TOLBECS, we have not come across any study that confirms ear candles are successful in removing wax, infection or other debris from ear canals. We often see crystal like deposits on ear drums after candle use. We have been able to clean ear canals easily where candles have not been successful.

We believe that using MICRO-SUCTION is the only accurate, safe, gentle, comfortable,modern method for cleaning ear canals. We do not recommend the use of Ear Candles.